Why You Should Visit Destin For Christmas

12/21/2018 | by ForeverVac | Local Area Vacation Rentals

While some find themselves pining for a white Christmas, others choose their well-earned holiday time off to take a break from the cold of winter. If that’s the case for you and your family, you may enjoy taking a Christmas vacation to sunny Destin this year. Whether you have family in Destin or you simply want a change of scenery for the holidays, there’s a lot to offer. But if you’ve never taken a beach vacation for the winter holidays, here are a few incentives to spending Christmas in Destin.

Holiday Festivities

We might not have snow, but we have plenty of holiday festivities both in Destin and throughout the Emerald Coast from Thanksgiving through to Christmas and even the new year. You can visit Santa at HarborWalk Village and get pictures with the kids. Visits to Santa and plenty of free activities for the whole family run from noon to 4pm every day from late November until Christmas. The month of December kicks off with a Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the Destin Community Center. There’s also the Destin Boat Parade on December 9, full of live music, crafts for kids, and of course, bright holiday lights. You can find New Year’s Eve celebrations throughout the Emerald Coast, both for the family and for older party lovers.

Beautiful Weather

Again, the winter doesn’t suit everyone. Cold weather can drive people indoors and make them a little stir crazy, which isn’t the ideal mindset for a vacation. Fortunately, Destin has lovely weather, sunny and warm, even in winter. You can enjoy Christmas in T-shirts and light jackets, instead of stuffy and bundled up. Trade a white Christmas for a Christmas breakfast on the beach or a long walk, taking in those scenic views. After all, for many people, Christmas isn’t just a holiday but a break from their usual lives — school and work won’t bother you here, and neither will Jack Frost.

Thinner Crowds

If there’s one thing that can put a damper on your beach vacation, it’s all the crowds. Long lines and packed restaurants or beaches seem par for the course during peak season — spring and summer especially. However, by December, peak season has died down and Destin has much more elbow room. If you’re looking for a quiet vacation where you can take in the scenery around you and all the activities Destin has to offer, without having to take in all the other tourists, Christmas in Destin could be the perfect time to visit. This is especially good news for a family vacation. You may also have an easier time finding flights or affordable accommodations in Destin this way.

Destin can be an excellent destination for your Christmas vacation. But don’t settle for just a hotel during your trip. Rental properties with Forever Vacation Rentals can feel much more familiar and comfortable, so that for the time you’re in Destin, you’ll feel as though you actually live here. Contact us today for more information or to book your own vacation rental for a Christmas vacation in Destin.

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