Everything You Need to Know About Winter Fishing in Destin

12/14/2018 | by ForeverVac | Local Area Vacation Rentals

It may be that in some parts of the country, the fishing gear has to be put away at the end of the summer (or at least some time in mid-fall) to wait for warmer weather again. But in Destin, where even the cooler temperatures are more mild than anything else, there’s plenty of chance to fish in the autumn or even in winter. Winter fishing in Destin may be a different experience from fishing in the late spring or summer, but it can be just as rewarding. In fact, some tourists even prefer winter fishing in Destin.

If you’re interested in making a fishing trip here between now and February, here’s what you need to know.

Weather to Expect

As we discussed in previous blogs, winter weather in Destin is fairly mild. Temperatures typically range between the 40s and 60s, cool enough for a light jacket and maybe some boots (especially if you plan to fish). It rains on average about 6 days a month in winter, so you will want to watch the weather forecast, but should expect nice weather. Snow is a foreign concept. Keep in mind that it will be a little cooler near the water.

Where to Fish

Fishing off the coast of the Gulf can be a little unpredictable in winter. Even though the weather on shore is milder, the seas can be rough, which can make fishing a challenge. There are, however, still charters that will take you fishing offshore, and fishing at the pier or jetty are still open. Here again, it’s best to check local weather reports and talk to local fishers. However, Choctawhatchee Bay remains a popular place to fish year round, especially if you’re looking for speckled trout.

What You’ll Catch

During Destin’s winter, you’ll still be able to find many of the fish that you might have searched for in the summer. Speckled trout, flounder, and redfish are caught around the Bay. Fishing charters will often take bottom fishing expeditions out in search of white snappers and vermillion snappers. If you fish at the jetties or piers, you’re likely to find redfish, white bonita, or sheepshead.

Benefits of Winter Fishing in Destin

Although it’s not the peak season for fishing, winter fishing in Destin has several benefits all its own. In fact, some consider the fact that it’s not peak season to be a benefit in itself. Crowds are fewer, making fishing the peaceful excursion that many avid fishers prefer. You may be able to find deals on fishing gear and fishing charters due to the decrease in tourism. It can also be a fun way to spend the holidays with family, and you might even be able to catch your Christmas dinner yourself.

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean that fishing has to be over, at least not here. It’s just one more reason to visit Destin. Contact Forever Vacation Rentals today to book a rental vacation property for your upcoming trip.

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