In the dreary cold of February throughout most of the country, you might not be thinking about spring break, but it will be here before you know it. In fact, now might be a good time to start planning your spring vacation so that you have everything booked when the time comes. Florida, and Destin in particular, is a popular spring break spot for students looking for an escape from the books and tests. It can also be a great place for families to take their spring vacation, however. But why should YOU choose Destin for your spring vacation?

The Beach, Of Course

The Gulf of Mexico is beloved throughout the country as a spring vacation destination. Here you’ll find warm, sunny weather and soft, fine sand. The beaches themselves are beautiful, and the water is cool and deep blue. There’s plenty of opportunity for watersports, whether paddle boarding, parasailing, or body surfing. However, the water is still calm enough that you don’t have to worry about small kids if you’re traveling with family.

Music to Your Ears

Want to check out some concerts while you’re on your spring break? Destin is the place to be! April is the month for a number of live music events, including the Wednesday Night Concert Series in the Village of Baytowne Wharf or the Spring Concert in the Village hosted by the Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation. You can hear anything from singer songwriters to rock or country artists or a Springsteen tribute band. Want to go dancing? In local clubs, you can find great DJs who know how to keep the party going all night.

Backed By Spring Breakers Everywhere

It’s not just us who think that Destin is a great location for your spring vacation. In 2018, Destin was rated the second best spot to take your spring break, right behind Panama City. And it wasn’t just college students, the study found, who enjoyed taking their spring vacation in Destin, but spring breakers of all ages and stages of life. In fact, if anything, Destin is an even more popular spring vacation spot for families than for students.

Family Friendly

Spring break is often associated with a sense of wild abandon and crass college student behavior that parents might not want to expose their young children to. However, you’re not likely to run into these kind of spring break stereotypes in Destin. There are plenty of college students who enjoy letting loose on the beach, but Destin beaches have a strict policy against wild parties because of their commitment to a family friendly atmosphere. You can enjoy spring holidays or simply a day at the beach with your family, go shopping, and check out the local restaurants, all with an atmosphere that’s fun and safe for all ages.

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