What You’ll Find When Snorkeling in Destin

01/25/2019 | by ForeverVac | Local Area Vacation Rentals

If it’s not enough to just lounge on the beach or wade into the water, snorkeling may be the activity for your next Destin vacation. Snorkeling is a fairly easy, low maintenance underwater recreation: unlike scuba diving, which requires a certification, all you need for snorkeling is a snorkel, a mask, and adequate swimming skills. However, snorkeling still allows you to explore some of the wonders lurking under the water in Destin, like schools of fish and colorful underwater plant life. So what can you expect to find when you decide to go snorkeling in Destin?

Beginner and Avid Snorkelers

Again, snorkeling isn’t the most demanding aquatic sport. If you want to swim with a little more power, you can purchase a pair of flippers along with your snorkel and mask, but it really accommodates all levels of comfort. In Destin, you’ll find beginner snorkelers as well as those who love snorkeling and do it often. You can snorkel pretty much everywhere that’s not restricted. If you have small kids, you can wade into the water and snorkel right off the beach, or you can find sea grass or coral for a snorkeling experience that’s full of discovery.

Man Made Reefs

Throughout South Walton, you can find man-made reefs designed to conserve the ecosystem underwater and study sea life. One of these man made reefs can be found in the Destin jetties. Located near Harborwalk Village, the Destin Jetties are made with stone that becomes reefs underwater, offering habitation and food to several different species of fish. This, of course, makes it an excellent place to snorkel. Here you can find redfish, puffer fish, flounder, small snappers, and barracuda, just to name a few. There are also various types of crabs and even octopi that live in the Destin Jetties. If you’re lucky, you may even see sea turtles and dolphins near the Destin Jetties.

Sea Glass and Sea Shells

Of course, the most fascinating sights to find when snorkeling in Destin are the fish, and there are plenty of fish to be found, as well as crabs and various sea urchins. But that’s not all you’ll find. If you’d like something to take back with you from your snorkeling expedition, some treasure to be found, look to the ocean floor. There you might notice seashells or sea glass. Sea glass appears to be a small, colorful stone with a frosted surface. It’s made from shards of broken glass — as from a broken bottle or headlight — that have undergone 20-40 years of erosion at the hands of the ocean. If you notice any sharp edges left to the sea glass you find, leave it there to complete the erosion process. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to find plenty more where that came from.

Snorkeling in Destin can be an adventure to cherish until the next time you return. In the meantime, find the perfect vacation rental property for your next Destin trip with Forever Vacation Rentals. Contact us today for more information.

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