While thousands flock to Destin every summer for the sunny weather and beautiful beaches, winter can be an appealing if less conventional time to visit the Emerald Coast. In the winter, you avoid much of the traffic and crowds of peak season, but maintain the sunny weather and beautiful views. In fact, it can be a welcome respite from winter in other parts of the country. But packing for your winter vacation in Destin is a little different from packing for your summer vacation in Destin. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re prepared for your trip during the winter months:

Destin in Winter

Even in the coldest months of winter, Destin is known for mild weather. December through February sees highs for the most part in the 60s and lows in the high 40s. It’s also less likely to rain than in the mid summer. Each month averages about 5 or 6 days of rain, so you can coordinate your vacation around those rainy days by keeping an eye out for the weather forecasts. You’re not likely to see any snow during your winter vacation in Destin, but if you’ve chosen Destin for your vacation, you probably weren’t looking for snow, anyway. The water might be a little cold for a swim, but on a particularly nice day, many tourists enjoy visiting the beach anyway.

Packing Your Clothes

As you might infer, then, there’s no need to pack your bulkiest coats or fuzziest socks. Most Destin residents will be found sporting pants like jeans or slacks, a t-shirt, and a light jacket or cardigan. This makes packing a little lighter, which is always preferable. Check weather forecasts in case there’s any sign of rain so you can plan ahead for a rain jacket or boots, but again, rain averages are fairly low.

When it comes to shoes, it depends on the kind of vacation you plan to have. If your plan is to hit up all the shops, restaurants, and bars, then you’ll want comfortable walking shoes like sneakers or good flats. However, sneakers can be tricky if you plan to take a trip to the beach. Consider swim shoes — even if you don’t plan on swimming — for something that can be cleaned off easily and won’t need to be worn throughout the rest of the trip. You may still want to pack a hat for particularly sunny days, even in winter.

What Else to Pack

As for the rest, it’s all down to typical vacation packing. You’ll want to bring along all your necessary hygiene products, your necessary electronics and chargers, first aid kit, and something to keep you entertained for the trip — whether that’s a good book or a sturdy set of headphones. If you forget anything, you can always stop by a store, whether in the airport or when you arrive in Destin. In fact, with all the shopping opportunities in Destin, you may want to leave room in your bag for what you might bring home.

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