Take a Dolphin Cruise in Destin

11/09/2018 | by ForeverVac | Local Area Vacation Rentals

There’s something special about seeing a dolphin on your Destin vacation. Not only are they adorable, playful, and surprisingly intelligent, but it’s something that you can’t find just anywhere else. That’s why it’s good to take a dolphin cruise in Destin if you can. This can be an excellent opportunity for the whole family, with the sight of dolphins delighting kids as well as adults. But even if you’re traveling with adults, this is the kind of experience that will make you feel as full of wonder and enthusiasm as a child. Here are a few reasons to take a dolphin cruise during your next trip to Destin:

It’s Educational

It’s great for kids to be able to learn about dolphins and other types of marine life, and it’s never too late for adults to learn new things. That’s part of the experience you’ll find on a dolphin cruise. You’re not just taking a boat out to make waves for the dolphins. You’re also learning interesting facts about dolphins. For instance, did you know there are more than 40 species of dolphins? Or that, as mammals, they need to come to the surface to breathe? Or that they can swim up to 25 miles per hour? These are just a few things you can learn during a dolphin cruise.

The Dolphins Themselves

Of course, the main reason for taking a dolphin cruise isn’t to learn about dolphins. It’s to actually see them. A dolphin cruise is one of the few activities in the Gulf in which you’ll be guaranteed to see dolphins, and they’ll be having a great time, too! As the dolphin cruise boat sails through, it creates waves in the water, which dolphins see as an opportunity to play. You can watch them leap into the air and splash back into the water. Because dolphins are so sociable and playful, often the sound of the crowd cheering eggs them on to continue jumping out of the water. It’s a fun time for humans and dolphins alike. Make sure to take plenty of pictures and videos to remember the occasion.

The Beauty of the Gulf

The dolphins aren’t the only wonder to be seen, though they’re certainly exciting. The gulf waters near Destin are also stunning in and of themselves, and any cruise offers a perfect opportunity to drink in those sights. Depending on the time of your cruise, you can watch the sun go down or simply enjoy the light playing off the water. Don’t get us wrong, there are beautiful views to be found on the beach, but there’s something about actually being out on the water that makes it seem more tangible and more exciting.

It matters where you stay during your Destin vacation. Contact Forever Vacation Rentals today to book a vacation rental for yourself or for the whole family. Interested in taking a dolphin cruise for your next trip to Destin? Check out our explorer fun passes for dolphin cruises and more.

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