One of the few downsides to golf is that it’s dependent on the elements. Golf is played outside, so if it rains, typically that means you can’t play outside. Cold weather, too, tends to spell the end of golf season for many. But some golf enthusiasts refuse to be daunted by the changing of seasons. If you’re determined to keep playing golf even in the winter, you can find a way. It just takes a solid love of the game and a few of these cold weather hacks:

Skip the Golf Cart

Golf carts can be handy in fair weather, as they allow you to rest in between putting and cut down on some of the lengthy walking time throughout an 18-hole golf course. However, if the temperature is a little nippy outside, it might be a better idea to hoof it. The more you walk, the more your blood will get moving, warming your body. It’s also a great way to get in some exercise, which can be sometimes lacking in the middle of winter.

Ear Muffs and Extra Socks

This is a trick that many skiers have already learned. While cold weather can be a drag in general, it’s usually the ears and the feet that suffer the most. Walking around and keeping the blood flowing will help fight the chill, but so will bundling up. If you plan to be out for a few hours hitting the links, you can protect your feet with an extra pair of socks or thicker pair of socks than usual, and earmuffs can keep your ears comfortable.

Check Your Expectations

Just because you’ve decided you’re going to play despite the weather doesn’t mean that the greens will be unaffected. Rough weather is sure to affect your handicap, and you may be frustrated by performing under par if you don’t check your expectations. Be gentle with yourself. After all, not everyone is willing to even play golf in the winter. You can also take into consideration the advantages of winter greens, like shorter yardage and improved distance control.

Go Somewhere Warmer

If the cold weather is getting you down and you want to play golf, why not take a few days off to go somewhere warm? In Destin, golf is more than just a sport: it’s part of our culture. And even in winter, we have beautiful weather perfect for hitting the links. Even in January, the highs are often in the 60s and lows only reach the 40s, with only an average of 6 days of rain. You can throw on a light jacket along with your usual golf outfit and you’re good to go.

Frankly, we think visiting Destin for all your winter golfing might just be the solution to all the other tips for golfing in winter. Ready to start planning your trip? Contact Forever Vacation Rentals today about a vacation rental property that feels like a home away from home.

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