Have a loved one who loves golf but seems to have it all? With Valentine’s Day coming up — or maybe their birthday or simply an opportunity to do something nice for them — you may be scratching your head for a gift that will both surprise and wow the golf enthusiast in your life. Fortunately, we’re here to help. In Destin, we’re big fans of golf and we know exactly what gifts golf lovers want. With this list, you may even be able to save a few gifts for the holidays at the end of the year, or you might find something for yourself.

A Golf Club Brush

Golf club maintenance may be more important than you realize. The cleaner the grooves of your golf club are, the more precisely you’ll be able to strike the golf ball. Plus, golf enthusiasts like to keep their golf clubs in pristine shape out of respect for them. So while a cleaning gift might seem a little boring, a true golf lover will probably appreciate it. Consider a two-headed brush. One cleans the face of the golf club while the other cleans the grooves.

Golfing Gloves

As fun as golf can be, it’s also pretty strenuous on your hands, and avid golfers may be all too familiar with the sensation of coming home with blistered hands. The right golf gloves can protect their hands no matter how intense their swing. They can also help tighten the golfer’s grip around their club. You want to choose gloves that allow the golfer to have full control of their hands, while protecting their palms and the balls of their hands.

Golf Club Clothes Hanger

This gift isn’t useful on the golf course, but it’s something that will bring a smile to a golf lover’s face. Etsy creator CigartMetalWorks makes clothes hangers out of vintage golf clubs. They can even use your old golf clubs (or your loved one’s favorite retired golf clubs) or specific clubs upon request. It’s a great way to let an old golf club live on with a completely different, but practical function. It’s also a way to show your loved ones that you appreciate their interests.

Golf Apparel

For many golfers, it’s not just about the sport itself, but the look. If you know a golf lover who also likes to sport the look of a golfer, you can’t go amiss with golf apparel. In fact, there’s even a gift box called Bogeybox full of men’s apparel that’s specifically geared towards golfers. The clothing service is customized to the recipient, so they’ll be sure to find something that suits their own style here.

One more great idea for a gift to give a golf lover? A trip to Destin to check out the local golf courses. From Emerald Bay Golf Club to Kelly Plantation, golfing is a treasured part of Destin’s culture. Contact Forever Vacation Rentals today to book a rental property for your upcoming golfing trip.

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