If Florida is known for anything other than its theme parks and beautiful beaches, it’s golf. You may know people who plan to or have retired to Florida mostly for the golf. Others still look forward to hitting the links during their vacation. In fact during your Destin vacation you’ll probably see golf cars almost anywhere you go, whether there’s a golf course nearby or not. It’s part of the culture. But if you want to get some actual golfing in during your trip, here are some of the best golf courses to seek out.

Regatta Bay Golf and Yacht Club

Regatta Bay is not just heralded as one of the best golf courses in Destin. It’s been ranked The Best Golf Course in the Emerald Coast by “Emerald Coast Magazine” and the Number One Favorite Golf Course In Northwest Florida by “Florida Golf News Magazine.” From the moment you set foot on the course, you’ll be taken by the sight of the peaceful lakes, lagoons, and the rich surrounding forests. 6,894 yards make up a 72-par course so you can really take the day here. The clubhouse and its classic wrap around porch looks over one of the lakes and you’ll find Happy Hour there every day from 4-6pm.

Emerald Bay Golf Club

Emerald Bay Golf Club has the design of a classic, 18-hole champion golf course. Here you can let the stress roll off your shoulders as you look out at the gorgeous view of the bay and explore the long, smooth course. There are also beaches nearby, making for the perfect vacation location. You can enjoy a day at the beach before hitting the links, or vice versa. This golf course was originally designed by famous architect, Bob Cupp, but it was renovated in the past few years, so it has a new feeling to it.

Kelly Plantation Golf Club

If you’re looking for a challenge, this 7,099 yard course is for you. This course is stunning, deep green and well-kept, with overlooking views of Choctawatchee Bay. Magnolia and palmetto trees are scattered throughout, but don’t let all that serene beauty fool you. Beginning golfers are encouraged to stick to the forward tees while more experienced golfers try their hand at the back tees. There’s something at almost every hole to keep you on your toes and sharpen your golf skills.

Bluewater Bay Resort

Another top-notch championship golf course, this one with 27 holes, Bluewater Bay Resort offers a quintessential Florida golf experience…and the kind of golf experience you’re hard-pressed to find elsewhere. You’ll move through wetlands on your way through the course, taking in the natural scenery and tranquility of the place. When you’re ready for a break, the Sports Bar and Grill on site serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as offering free WiFi and 6 HDTVs.

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